Catalogue Index

The following is an alphabetical list of the product categories available within this catalogue. Please select a letter below to jump directly to the correct section of the list.


Abrasive diamond wheelsAdjustable fence
Adjustable wrenchesAir conditioners
Air freshenerAir freshener dispensers
Alkaline batteriesAluminum foil
Ammonia cleanersAnchorage connector
Anti corrosion lubricantAnti cut gloves
Anti slip agentsAnti vibratory gloves
Applicator brushesArmbands


Bandages or dressings for general useBarrier guarding
Barrier tapes or chainsBarriers
Battery chargersBleaches
Blow torchBolt cutters
Broom headsBroom or mop handles
BroomsBubble wrap


Cable tiesCanvas bags
Carpet or upholstery cleanersCarpet protector
CarpetingCaulking tools
Chalk linesChemical adhesives
Chemical resistant glovesChimney cleaning
Chocolate or malt or other hot beveragesCircuit breakers
Cleaning brushesCleaning cloths or wipes
Cleaning dustersCleaning pad holders
Cleaning pails or bucketsCleaning rags and cloths and wipes
Cleaning scrapersClothes dryers
Coal tarCoats and jackets
CoffeeCold chisels
Commercial use dishwashersCommercial use scoops
Commercial water heatersConcrete mixers or plants
Concrete or cement testing instrumentsConvection heaters
Convex security mirrorsCrayons
Cutting oil


Defrosting and defogging systemsDeicers or defrosters
DescalersDetection for non metallic objects
Diagonal cut pliersDigital cameras
Dish towelsDisposable cups/glasses/lids
Disposable personal wipesDomestic clothing irons
Domestic convectional ovensDomestic electrical kettles
Domestic forksDomestic knives
Domestic microwave ovensDomestic plates
Domestic refrigeratorsDomestic spoons
Domestic toastersDomestic vacuum flasks
Double sided tapeDrain cleaner
Drain or pipe cleaning equipmentDrain or toilet plunger
Drain plugsDrop cloths
Dry cell batteriesDuct tape
Dust brushes or pansDust mops


Ear muffsEar plug dispenser
Ear plugsEarthmoving shovels
Electrical insulating tapeElectrical plugs
Emergency First Aid KitEmergency medical services first aid kits
End cut pliersEpoxy bond
Equipment dust coversEyewashers or eye wash stations


Facial shieldsFacial tissues
Fall protection lanyardFans
Fiber strapsFilter membranes
Fire alarm systemsFire blankets
Fire escape equipmentFire extinguishers
Fire fighting equipmentFire retardant apparel
First aid blanketsFlashlight
Flatbed trailersFloats
Flood lightFloor cleaners
Floor finishes or polishesFloor machine pads
Floor scrapersFluorescent dyes
Fluorescent fixturesFlying insect control traps
Foam adhesivesFurniture polish or waxes


Garden forksGas detectors
Gasoline or PetrolGate barrier systems
General purpose cleanersGlass or window cleaners
GogglesGranular absorbent
GreaseGrease guns
Grinding wheels


Hair or beard netsHalogen lamps
HammersHand cleaner
Hand or body lotion or oilHand sanitizer
Hand towelsHand trucks or accessories
Hard hatsHats
Hazardous materials cabinetsHemp
Hex keysHigh voltage cable detection
HoesHose or pipe clamps
Household disinfectantsHydrants
Hypodermic needles


Instant coffeeInstitutional soap or lotion dispensers
Insulated clothing for cold environmentsInsulated or covered wire
Interior solar lightingIroning equipment



Key cabinets or organizers


LaddersLadders and scaffolding accessories
Lamps and lightbulbsLanyards
Laundry productsLens cleaner
LevelsLife vests or preservers
Lifelines or lifeline equipmentLifting cables
Liquid adhesivesLockers
Lockout hasp and padlockLog books or pads
Low Density Polyethylene LDPE


Manhole cover liftersMarking paint
Masking tapeMasks or accessories
MegaphonesMens boots
Mens coats or jacketsMens overalls or coveralls
Mens shirtsMens shoes
Mens suitsMens sweaters
Mens trousers or shortsMetal cleaners or polishes
Metal postsMetallic flammable liquid cans
Metallic pailsMop heads
Mop wringer


Natural sugars or sweetening productsNon metallic bins
Non skid safety tapes


Odor control chemicalsOpen end wrenches
Oscillating pumpsOvershoes


Packaging tapePadlocks
Paint brushesPaint or varnish thinners
Paint rollersPallet trucks
Paper napkins or serviettesPaper towel dispensers
Paper towelsPenetrating oils
Pipe or tube cutterPipe wrenches
Polypropylene ropePolytetrafluoroethylene PTFE thread sealing tape
Power supply transformersPressure or steam cleaners
Protective apronsProtective coveralls
Protective endsProtective gloves
Protective hair netProtective knee pads
Pry bars



Razor knivesRechargeable batteries
Reflective apparelReflective tape
Resin impregnated tapeRespirators
Respirators Filters or AccessoriesRestaurant chairs
Resuscitation masks or accessoriesRubber cements


SafesSafety boots
Safety chainsSafety Footwear
Safety glassesSafety harnesses or belts
Safety helmetsSafety hoods
Safety shoesSafety signs
Safety sleevesSanitary goods dispensers
Scouring padsScrapers
Screwdriver setScythes
Secateurs or pruning shearsSecurity bars
Security chains or accessoriesSelf retracting lanyard
ShampoosSharpening stones or tools or kits
ShearsShelf stable milk or butter products
Shoe cleaning or polishing productsShoe insoles
Skin care productsSkin preparation wipes
Smoke detectorsSmoking urns or accessories
Snow or ice melterSoaps
Socket setsSocks
Soft drinksSorbent pads or rolls
Sound metersSpades
Speed stoppersSpill deck
Spill kitsSponges
SprayersSpring or mineral water
Squeegees or washersStaple guns
StaplesStorage racks or shelves
Stretch wrap filmsString or twine
Sun protection productsSurface thermometers
Syringe accessories


Tape measuresTaps
TarpaulinsTea bags
Thermal glovesTies or scarves or mufflers
Toilet brushesToilet cleaners
Toilet tissueToilet tissue dispensers
Tool chests or boxes or cabinetsTool handles
Toxic spill containmentTraffic cones or delineators
Traffic signalsTraffic signs
Trash bagsTrash picker
Trolleys or accessoriesTrowels
Two way radios


Urinal or toilet accessories


Vacuum cleaner supplies or accessoriesVacuum cleaners


Wall clocksWaste containers or rigid liners
WaterWater hoses
Water storage tanksWaterproof jacket or raincoat
Waterproof suitWaterproof trousers or pants
Welder glovesWet mops
Wet or dry combination vacuum cleanersWheelbarrows
Wheelchair rampsWire brushes
Wire nailsWomens coats or jackets
Womens overalls or coverallsWomens shirts or blouses
Womens suitsWomens trousers or shorts
Wood planksWood trusses