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Safety Protective Wear

Your employees' body and skin of that matter is very important for quick work delivery. So protect your workers today.

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Face Protection

Protect your face from any hazardous working environment, and make sure you go in for quality working materials from keness ventures.

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Construction Workers Wear

Wear the best and quality work wears for your safety construction projects.

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Welcome to Keness Ventures!

Workplace safety is the conscious activity of companies to protect and prevent injury and illnesses to its most valuable assets; their employees and volunteers. By implementing well a thought out plan of protection and prevention strategies where companies are able to reduce the amount of money paid out in health insurance benefits, workers compensation benefits and the cost of wages for temporary help.

Additional, factoring in the savings of lost-work hours, man-hours spent in cultivate temporary help, and the services that may suffer due to fewer employees in addition to the stress on those employee who are picking up the absent workers’ share of work. In some cases the need to possibly suspend or shut down a service program due to lack of workers.

Addressing safety and health hazards in the workplace make the workplace safer to all. Your company has to acknowledge which potential health and safety hazards exist in their environment and determine where, what and how a worker is likely to become injured or ill. Workplace safety starts with analyzing individual workstations and program areas for hazards, and the potential for harm.

Is every contractor/company’s duty to do Job Hazard Analysis which will focuses on job tasks to identify hazards before they occur. The analysis can also examines the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools and the work environment. From the analysis your company can determine and identify the tools needed to improve the safety and health in the environment. This may include implementing new policies and training of employees and volunteers to insure continuity and compliance by all involves.


About Us

KENESS VENTURES is a Private Organization which deals in the production and importation of Health, Occupational and Safety...

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